Health and Damage

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Health and Damage

Post by Augustus on Fri Nov 27, 2015 1:45 am

Health and Damage

Here in Elyria, we make much of our systems suitable for a fun and easy combat rp forum. But how would someone fight without actually dealing damage or having health. So, first of all, everyone has a flat 1000 standard health bar. Now damage can be separated in two, melee damage and ability damage. Melee damage is any type of damage coming from another character. This damage includes damage from swords, which will deal the same amount of damage but will have extra cutting effects for example. The second way to deal damage is by abilities, this is the main and most powerful way to actually deal damage to someone. In Elyria, you can fight until you reach 100 of your 1000 health, that’s when your body won’t be able to keep fighting and will be highly difficult to move. However, when you reach 50 points, you instantly faint and if you reach 0, you die. You can find the damage done by melee attacks and abilities below:

Melee Damage

Note that melee damage can only deal up to twice per post.

Ability Damage


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