Experience and Ranks

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Experience and Ranks

Post by Augustus on Fri Nov 27, 2015 2:08 am

Experience & Ranks

Each time you fight or go on a mission, you gain a specific amount of experience. This experience is the key to rank up and become stronger. There are 5 ranks, Trainee, Novice, Warrior, Hero and Legend. Each rank is stronger than the one before, but it’s more complicated to rank up each time you do. Now, here are the experience needed and what you get at each rank.

Trainee: 0 Exp needed, this is the starting rank. You are given your first mystic along with 4 level 1 spells and 5 stat points.
Novice: 500 Exp needed. You are given 3 level 2 abilities and 3 stat points.
Warrior: 2000 exp needed. You’re given 3 level 3 abilities and 3 stat points.
Hero: 5500 exp needed. You’re given your second mystic along with 2 Level 4 abilities and 3 stat points.
Legend: 12 000 exp needed. You’re given 1 level 5 abilities and 3 stat points.

Each time you rank up, your experience is taken away and refreshed to 0, but don’t worry, it won’t be that hard to climb back up. Each rank allows you to do different ranked missions. On your own, you’re allowed only to do missions equal to your rank, but with a team, you can go on missions up to one rank higher than yourself. You can find the experience you get with each job below.

  • Trainee: 100 exp
  • Novice: 200 exp
  • Warrior: 400 exp
  • Hero: 800 exp
  • Legend: 1500 exp


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